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→ Middlebrooks makes heads-up play on bases

This was a such a high-baseball-IQ play that it stinks Will did not score as a result. Plays like this, however, make me think that Will is going to be okay long-term as a player.

→ Altered approach has led to big results for Middlebrooks

Tim Britton writing about the changes Will Middlebrooks has made to his approach at the plate:

The first step toward Middlebrooks’ overhaul was literally a small one: moving his left foot a step closer to the plate as he awaited a pitch. Previously, Middlebrooks had an open stance that he would close as the pitch came in. He would get into trouble sometimes when the stance would remain more open, causing him to pull off the ball.

It seems that the change is really paying off.1

  1. Evan Drelich over at MassLive also wrote about Will’s recent successes.

→ Red Sox bring back Will Middlebrooks to play third base

Obviously, I hope he ends up finishing the year strong.

→ More than ever, Middlebrooks wants to stay in Boston

“I want to stay with Boston,” [Middlebrooks] said on Saturday from the home dugout at McCoy. “I’ve been with them since I was 18. Everyone in this organization means a lot to me. I’d love to stay here and play my career here.

I really hope that the Sox do not trade Middlebrooks to pick up some 2-3 year pitcher. Though Will has had a rough year, I still think he can be a big contributor to future Red Sox teams.

→ Red Sox haven’t talked Middlebrooks-Peavy

According to an industry source, the Red Sox and White Sox have not discussed Middlebrooks “in any context” with each other.

That would be a ludicrous trade. I imagine the White Sox are leaking these rumors just to try and get them traction.

→ Keith Law’s mid-season top-50 list features four Red Sox prospects

I am hoping I get to see Bradley Jr. and Bogaerts tonight.1

  1. Along with Will Middlebrooks, of course. 

→ Rare Middlebrooks bunt keys winning rally

I do not want Middlebrooks bunting all the time, but it worked last night.

→ Is the Will Middlebrooks slump something to worry about?

Hunter Golden gives Red Sox fans some hope with regard to Middlebrooks’ recent struggles:

What’s more is that even if his plate approach doesn’t improve all that much in coming weeks and months, his low BABIP still won’t hold because his raw skill set and Home Park probably won’t allow it to. While it’s true that Middlebrooks had a high BABIP last year, it’s also true that he has a high BABIP every year. In fact, most batters who hit the ball harder tend to maintain consistently higher BABIP’s than their peers and while Middlebrooks may be lacking in some areas, power certainly isn’t one of them. Even though he’s not the most fleet of foot (running is almost always a strong indicator of someone who’ll sustain a higher than normal BABIP), he has the power to hit a lot of line drives. With the added benefit of the green monster, he should not only turn his luck around in the short term, but sustain his usually BABIP heading forward, as well.

I am crossing my fingers that he is right.

→ Will Middlebrooks has some power

Watching GIFs of Middlebrooks 3-home-run day makes me smile.

→ Season Review: Will Middlebrooks

In the Red Sox’ darkest hour, Will Middlebrooks gave us fans something to cheer for.

Ben Buchanan’s write-up recounts the emerge of Middlebrooks as a Red Sox star. It also lists some of the concerns related to Middlebrooks for the 2013 season, but I choose to look only at the positives.1

  1. At least until a few months into the season. 

→ When will the Red Sox Sign Will Middlebrooks to a Long Term Deal?

Indications are, however, that the Red Sox wouldn’t [sign Middlebrooks to an Evan Longoria level deal] this offseason with Middlebrooks, who is fewer than 300 plate appearances into his major-league career. As happy as Boston has been with the third baseman’s rookie season, it doesn’t necessarily represent a significant enough sample to make a longer-term commitment just yet. There have been plenty of promising rookies who have taken a step back in their development, and the Sox are in no rush to make a long-term judgment on Middlebrooks.

I hope Will Middlebrooks bounces back from his wrist injury. He was the highlight of the 2012 Red Sox season for me and I will be crushed if he cannot repeat his 2012 success next year.

→ Will Middlebrooks Plays Catch!

Spring Training 2013 cannot come soon enough.

→ Middlebrooks has Cast Off But Not Ready to Play Yet

I still have fears that Will Middlebrooks will never be the same. I just hate wrist injuries for baseball players. Hopefully, early in 2013, Middlebrooks will show that I am overreacting.

→ An Ode to Will Middlebrooks

The way the ball leaves Will Middlebrooks’ bat after he hits a home run is something special. Like being launched from a cannon, as if the baseball was a tiny piece of metal rocketing towards some sort of super magnet looming above the Green Monster, a laser, a bullet, a sling shot from home plate. None of these are just right.

Can we just end this season now and start spring training for next year?

→ The Wrist of Will Middlebrooks

I woke up yesterday to the horrible news that Will Middlebrooks had a broken wrist. I guess it is a positive that he will not need surgery on that wrist, but I am still apprehensive about any wrist injury and its effects on the long term health of a player (see, e.g., Nomar Garciaparra.)

→ Fangraphs breaks down Will Middlebrooks

Middlebrooks has shown the ability to hit the ball with authority in his short time as a major leaguer. To get the most out of this ability, he’ll need to make consistent contact. If he can take this next step, the Middlebrooks we’ve seen this year can be around for years to come.

I have my fingers crossed. I love Will Middlebrooks.

→ Will Middlebrooks Named To Baseball America’s Mid-Season All-Rookie Team – Over the Monster

Well deserved.