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→ Swihart top-ranking catching prospect

Glad to see so many Red Sox players on this list.

→ So Far, So Good For Boston’s Rotation

Ben Buchanan writing at Over the Monster:

Still, positive signs are just that, and actually watching some of these guys when given the opportunity, it’s hard not to feel pretty good about the starting pitching. Ryan Dempster might be the most encouraging of them, since it’s hard to watch him pitch the way he has and still wonder if he can cut it in the American League. But Buchholz and Lester have offered plenty of positive signs as well. If you’re not going to let three weeks of spring training get you excited, at least let them temper your fear the slightest bit.

I told myself I would have low expectations for the 2013 Red Sox season, but I cannot help but get excited when I read things like this.

→ Do Red Sox have the next great knuckleballer?

After how well the Boston fans treated Tim Wakefield, it seems appropriate that the next great knuckleballer might be in Boston.

→ Season Review: Will Middlebrooks

In the Red Sox’ darkest hour, Will Middlebrooks gave us fans something to cheer for.

Ben Buchanan’s write-up recounts the emerge of Middlebrooks as a Red Sox star. It also lists some of the concerns related to Middlebrooks for the 2013 season, but I choose to look only at the positives.1

  1. At least until a few months into the season. 

→ Hopefully the start of Lavarnway’s Emergence

The benefit of having these extra weeks of extended Spring Training1, is that some of the young guys like Ryan Lavarnway can get time at the major league level to figure things out. Hopefully, last night was the first step in him turning things around.

  1. It helps me to think about things that way, okay?