When will the Red Sox Sign Will Middlebrooks to a Long Term Deal?

> Indications are, however, that the Red Sox wouldn’t [sign Middlebrooks to an Evan Longoria level deal] this offseason with Middlebrooks, who is fewer than 300 plate appearances into his major-league career. As happy as Boston has been with the third baseman’s rookie season, it doesn’t necessarily represent a significant enough sample to make a longer-term commitment just yet. There have been plenty of promising rookies who have taken a step back in their development, and the Sox are in no rush to make a long-term judgment on Middlebrooks.

I hope Will Middlebrooks bounces back from his wrist injury. He was the highlight of the 2012 Red Sox season for me and I will be crushed if he cannot repeat his 2012 success next year.