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→ Tom Brady donated hefty speaking fee to charity

He’s still a cheater!! (Sigh.)

→ Sources: Darrelle Revis not attending Patriots’ ring ceremony at owner’s home

The guy just oozes classes. He’ll fit in well on the Jets.

→ A Pats Fan on Why He’s Giving Up on the NFL

Mike Mravic writing at MMQB:

My favorite team won the Super Bowl on one of the most exciting plays in NFL history, but that play that has barely been viewed as a success of the Patriots and largely seen as a failure of Pete Carroll, because the media love counterintuitive angles. And now the Patriots have been dismembered and destroyed by the media and the league for one of the most absurd accusations of all time. The only positive note for Pats owner Robert Kraft outside the Boston bubble has been praise for his capitulating to the league’s disciplinary process. Fans around the country take glee in his decision not to pursue an appeal rather than seeing it for what it was—a savvy business decision in an unwinnable scenario. Those same fans are trying to reinforce false narratives about both Spygate and Deflategate

I hope this is Roger Goodell’s legacy. He’s freed an obsessive fan from a trap. Like any addict, there will be bumps along the road and people trying to enable my return. (For instance, DirecTV’s last-ditch offer of an enticing array of free programming including the NFL package, or doing an about face to praise the Pats dynasty.) Maybe if someone like Adam Silver helms the NFL at some point, I’ll return. But as of right now, I’m out.

I’m kind of in the same boat. I assume I’ll tune in if the Patriots make the playoffs, but I’ve been losing interest in the NFL for years, and this has just accelerated things.

→ Tom Brady in position to put NFL on defensive over deflate-gate probe

Dan Wetzel on the Wells Report:

It’s not fair to Brady and the Pats, who are put in a hostile place. It’s not fair to the Indianapolis Colts and the rest of the league that deserve a truth that should be accepted.

The release of the evidence acquired, no matter where it pointed, was all that was needed. The public didn’t need Wells to tell them the most plausible scenario. They already knew. They could’ve figured it out based on McNally carrying that bag of footballs into a bathroom that locked.

Yet by having Wells overstep acceptable standards, the strong parts are weakened, the water gets muddied and the entire story gets exhausting.

I am not surprised at all that Dan has the best take on this story.

→ Dear Chip: It’s Time to Trade for Johnny

Come on, Chip. You have to do this.

→ David Ortiz shares the stage with Tom Brady and world championship hardware

Sometimes, I forget just how great it’s been to be a Boston sports fan these past few years.

→ DeflateGate: NFL Fires Official For Selling DeflateGate Football

Another reminder that this whole story was a joke.

→ Jerry Rice calls out ‘cheating’ Patriots but admitted to using stickum

Shocking. I’m shocked.

→ 2015 Super Bowl: Malcolm Butler Knew The Pass Was Coming

SPOILER ALERT: Bill Belichick is really good at this job.

→ Bill Barnwell’s Super Bowl 49 Breakdown

An excellent recap of some of the major events from the Patriots 4th Super Bowl championship.

→ New England Patriots Julian Edelman and Malcolm Butler Celebrate Super Bowl Win at the Disneyland Resort

The Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots at Disneyland. So much awesome in one sentence.

→ Tom Brady dices up Seahawks for 4 TDs, named Super Bowl MVP

The best quarterback in the history of the NFL.

→ A New Englander’s guide to labeling every other NFL team a cheat

SEATTLE SEAHAWKS: The Seahawks lead the league in performance-enhancing drug use since Pete Carroll’s arrival in 2010, and that doesn’t even include the overturning of Richard Sherman’s positive test before the first of three straight playoff appearances. Talk about deflated balls in the Super Bowl.

But, of course, let’s talk about how the game balls used by the Patriots in another game had a little less air.

→ Your Guide To Deflate-gate/Ballghazi-Related Statistical Analyses

SPOILER ALERT: The article about the Patriots fumbles was riddled with statistical errors.

→ Frank Schwab with one of the best things I’ve read on the Patriots and Footballs

The whole piece is great, but I especially like this:

Belichick on Saturday gave what felt like a college power lecture on preparation of footballs and what he thinks happened, going on in pretty surprising detail about their amateur scientist experiments. Then, everyone just said he was a liar. That’s where we are with this. I’ve covered sports for a long time and don’t recall a mass overreaction to a story quite like this.

The whole story has been ridiculous from the start, but at least now people are coming to that realization.

→ Andre Johnson offers Houston kids an 80-second holiday shopping spree

Huge props to Andre Johnson for doing this. Just a great story all around.

→ Dan Wetzel on the Horrific new Ray Rice Video

We’re a few weeks from the NFL throwing pink on all its uniforms in an effort to tell women how much it cares about them – and, of course, making money off the deal while kicking a few bucks to cancer research.

I would not be surprised if this costs Ray Rice his career and Roger Goodell his job. How could the NFL give out a 2 game suspension for this kind of conduct?

→ Antonio Brown kicks the punter…in the Face!

Now, we wait and see if we can top this for “Highlight of the 2014 NFL Season.”

→ Tom Brady has the Perfect Answer to the Question of When He Will Retire

“When I suck, I’ll retire, but I don’t plan on sucking for a long time.”

So great.

→ NFL Player Introduced Himself as “Kraken” from “Hogwarts”

I have watched this video about 30 times, and I still smile every time.