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→ Bill Belichick lashes out at allegations and suspicions against Patriots

Belichick is the best. No wonder Patriots players want to run through a wall for him.

→ 2015 Super Bowl: Malcolm Butler Knew The Pass Was Coming

SPOILER ALERT: Bill Belichick is really good at this job.

→ Frank Schwab with one of the best things I’ve read on the Patriots and Footballs

The whole piece is great, but I especially like this:

Belichick on Saturday gave what felt like a college power lecture on preparation of footballs and what he thinks happened, going on in pretty surprising detail about their amateur scientist experiments. Then, everyone just said he was a liar. That’s where we are with this. I’ve covered sports for a long time and don’t recall a mass overreaction to a story quite like this.

The whole story has been ridiculous from the start, but at least now people are coming to that realization.

→ DeflateGate: Bill Belichick’s Press Conference Ends It All

There is no evidence of any actual wrong doing by the Patriots, but even Belichick’s explanation won’t be enough for people who hate the Patriots being consistently good for so long.

See also, Dan Wetzel’s take.