Dan Levy on Bobby Valentine

> I don’t know why ESPN or MLB or even the great folks at Turner would want him. He presided over such a calamity in Boston it will be impossible for any fan to respect his opinion right now. That said, the guy isn’t shy about giving those opinions, so if he can do it in the protected environment of a TV booth with no pressure or accountability of actually having to win games, maybe that would be the best spot for him.

Bobby’s Valentine’s fa├žade of “great baseball mind” took a major, major hit. I am sure he’ll still be entertaining on TV, but it will be harder to take him seriously as a baseball analyst going forward.


Larry Lucchino and Ben Cherington discuss the Valentine Firing

Showing once again why the Tim Britton and Brian MacPherson give the best Red Sox coverage.


How to Fail at Managing

Marc Normandin writing on *Over the Monster* about the excellent piece [R.J. Anderson wrote about failing managers](

> One point I’ve made in the past (more on the podcast than anywhere) is that it’s fine if Valentine isn’t the perfect strategist in today’s game — what matters the most is that he keeps the clubhouse together, like Francona used to. He hasn’t succeeded in doing that, though, at least in the iterations of the clubhouse that no longer exist

> …

> If Valentine had the clubhouse together a la Francona, but was Washington-esque with his dugout skills, would you be so willing to cut him loose?

I still cannot believe how much of a failure Bobby Valentine has turned out to be.


The Inevitable End of Bobby V in Boston

The [cover of Sports Illustrated]( was only the beginning[^article] to what has not been the best of weeks for Bobby Valentine. For example, there is [the strange Radio outburst]( and the [horrific road trip]( Combine that with [John Farrell, the heir apparent,](–mlb.html) being in town, and if Valentine is not thinking about making an exit himself, there has to be people in the Red Sox organization who are thinking it is time he moves on.

Unfortunately, the removal of Valentine does not mean that next manager will necessarily have things any easier. As [Fenway West cautions,]( the Red Sox have to be careful with the next manager:

> If the team does replace Bobby V, they must be very careful who they bring in. John Farrell is an obvious choice. He knows the Sox situation and is used to working with younger players. But Toronto will want compensation, and that might be tricky. The worst thing they could do is bring in a retread like Eric Wedge. The time has come to look in a new direction, perhaps even someone in their own organization.

This offseason might end up being more exciting than this previous season.

[^article]: The [actual article]( in Sports Illustrated is pretty damning too. Unfortunately, I think you need to be a SI subscriber to read it.


Arguing that Valentine Should Stay

Ian O’Connor for ESPN New York:

> Only the easiest available target, Valentine, shouldn’t be fired for failing to reach the postseason with a team that has been a physical wreck all year, a team that still suffers from the self-inflicted psychological wounds of 2011. In fact, it would be an injustice if Boston doesn’t give Valentine a second season, or at least the first three months of a second season, to tweak his approach and program in an attempt to stanch the internal bleeding.

> “I’ve done a lot of work; I couldn’t do any more,” Valentine said in a private moment outside his clubhouse. “I don’t think I could’ve worked any harder. I probably could’ve done some things differently, I guess, but I don’t know what they are. I’ll appraise it and I’ll look back on it.”

I see Mr. O’Connor’s argument, but I do not agree[^note]. Let Bobby Valentine be the guy who followed the World Series winning manager that no one will remember and start the search for the guy who can bring the Red Sox their next title.

[^note]: I am not alone. Even Mr. Valentine himself agrees [he is not doing a good job](


Jeff Passan Reports on Red Sox Players Meeting with the Owners about Valentine

> Boston Red Sox players blasted manager Bobby Valentine to owners John Henry and Larry Lucchino during a heated meeting called after a text message was sent by a group of frustrated players to the team and ownership in late July, three sources familiar with the meeting told Yahoo! Sports.

This season just gets better and better. At this point, I just think the Red Sox should:

* Fire Valentine
* Sign Ortiz to a 2-year Contract
* Shut Ortiz down for the rest of the year
* Give Lavarnway reps behind the plate[^fn1]
* Officially shut down Middlebrooks for the rest of the year
* Use the next few weeks to get work on getting Beckett and Lester into a good place mentally.

They can use the offseason to find a new manager, but for now, just get Valentine out of there.

[^fn1]: This is made easier by the [Shoppach Trade](


A Follow Up to Firing Bobby V

More coverage from [Over the Monster](, this time in reference to a [Pete Abraham column]( saying firing Bobby V will not fix anything.

> That doesn’t take away from the overall value of Abraham’s points here. Valentine wanted Franklin Morales to start. He didn’t injure all of these players, and the training staff is in charge of deciding who rests and who plays when it comes to injuries. He’s been a huge proponent of Will Middlebrooks from the start, and is currently trying to keep Ryan Lavarnway in the majors.

Actually, that is what I want too. So maybe I was ( to say he should be fired? If anything, this proves the Red Sox have a difficult decision to make.


Over the Monster on Whether Bobby Valentine Should be Fired

[Over the Monster]( analyzes [John Tomase](’s piece that calls for Bobby Valentine to be fired now:

> This late into the season, with the Red Sox no longer in the hole that surrounded them in the campaign’s early going, things should have turned around in terms of the team respecting Valentine. If that hasn’t happened, fair or not to Bobby V, then something should be done. As said before, though, that’s if this is all true, and I’m not sure anyone knows what is besides those involved in the situation itsel

I am in the “fire Valentine now” camp. Get an interim manager to finish out the season, but get rid of Valentine now. I really wanted him to work out, however, the Red Sox are just not playing well with him at the helm. Make the change, hand the team over to the young guys, and get ready for 2013. At least that would keep some fans, myself included, interested this season.