The Inevitable End of Bobby V in Boston

The cover of Sports Illustrated was only the beginning1 to what has not been the best of weeks for Bobby Valentine. For example, there is the strange Radio outburst and the horrific road trip. Combine that with John Farrell, the heir apparent, being in town, and if Valentine is not thinking about making an exit himself, there has to be people in the Red Sox organization who are thinking it is time he moves on.

Unfortunately, the removal of Valentine does not mean that next manager will necessarily have things any easier. As Fenway West cautions, the Red Sox have to be careful with the next manager:

If the team does replace Bobby V, they must be very careful who they bring in. John Farrell is an obvious choice. He knows the Sox situation and is used to working with younger players. But Toronto will want compensation, and that might be tricky. The worst thing they could do is bring in a retread like Eric Wedge. The time has come to look in a new direction, perhaps even someone in their own organization.

This offseason might end up being more exciting than this previous season.

  1. The actual article in Sports Illustrated is pretty damning too. Unfortunately, I think you need to be a SI subscriber to read it.