→ Over the Monster on Whether Bobby Valentine Should be Fired

Over the Monster analyzes John Tomase‘s piece that calls for Bobby Valentine to be fired now:

This late into the season, with the Red Sox no longer in the hole that surrounded them in the campaign’s early going, things should have turned around in terms of the team respecting Valentine. If that hasn’t happened, fair or not to Bobby V, then something should be done. As said before, though, that’s if this is all true, and I’m not sure anyone knows what is besides those involved in the situation itsel

I am in the “fire Valentine now” camp. Get an interim manager to finish out the season, but get rid of Valentine now. I really wanted him to work out, however, the Red Sox are just not playing well with him at the helm. Make the change, hand the team over to the young guys, and get ready for 2013. At least that would keep some fans, myself included, interested this season.