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→ XKCD – Loop

This happens far too commonly for me.

→ XKCD – Perl Problems

XKCD is so consistent, I could link to them nearly every day, but today it was especially hilarious.

→ What If? – Three Wise Men

The questions they answer:

The story of the three wise men got me wondering: What if you did walk towards a star at a fixed speed?  What path would you trace on the Earth? Does it converge to a fixed cycle?

The answer includes the phrase “[i]f the three wise men had a hovercar.” Do you really need more information to help you decide if you want to read the rest?

→ For Your Non-Sport Fan Friends

If this comic was not great enough already, the ALT text puts it over the top.

→ One Way to Slow Down Michael Phelps

Maybe some countries will try this before 2016. It might be the only way to get good enough to keep up with Missy Franklin.

→ Excuse of the Day via XKCD

Have this one on the tip of your tongue.

XKCD – Kill Hitler

Just so great.