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→ The End of an Era

The end of an era in women’s wrestling. NXT was so great. I can only hope they let the women do this in the “big leagues.”

→ Sasha Over the Top


→ Sasha takes Reverse Hurricanrana

Sasha Banks is insane for taking this movie. That said, she made it look amazing.

→ Sasha Banks with the Top Rope “Bank Stamp”


→ Sasha Banks Doing Push Ups

The GIF of Sasha Banks doing pushups to make fun of Nikki Bell is currently in the lead for my “favorite GIF of the year.” This post shows how we got to the point in the match where Sasha was free to show off.

→ A great Sasha Banks GIF

I love this (and, apparently, we’re going to be seeing more of it based on the tapings from last night?).

→ Sasha Banks says “This is my House, Now” “this is my house now.”

This is so great. Sasha is the best.

→ WWE Originally Planned To Completely Replace The Divas With The NXT Women’s Division

I would have been find with the original plan. I really hope they continue to give Charlotte, Sasha, and Becky a chance to shine.

→ The Next Generation of Women’s Wrestlers Debuts on RAW

That was glorious. I have been waiting for that for weeks.

Also, if that’s not enough for you, check out this video of Ric Flair watching his daughter’s debut.

Finally, here are some more pictures (mostly from reblogs on Sasha Banks’ Tumblr:

→ Sasha Banks: An Appreciation

TH with an excellent piece on what makes The BO$$ so special:

The details are what separate the great wrestlers from the merely good ones. The picture above is only a tip of the iceberg of what Banks puts into her entire act, whether on camera or off. Having a stamp at the ready is something that a flamboyant “urban” wrestler with an inflated ego WOULD have, and it fits her like the long piece fits in a four-line Tetris.

Head over to his site to see the picture and read the whole thing.

→ The Miami Herald on Sasha Banks

As for her look, unique from head to toe with money sign medallions, thick decorative chains, cool blinder shades, dark armbands, blue painted nails, purple red hair, more specially designed jewelry, and lots of The Boss — Boss T-shirt (Legit Boss front, Banks On It back), multi-finger-wide Boss ring, Boss necklace, and even a gold banded Boss stamper to sign autographs The Boss way.

“I’ve always known that I wanted to be different. I wanted to stand out,” she said, “so my gear is very elaborate, very blingy, very loud, because I want people to notice me, want to look like me. The Boss necklace, the ring. I want everything big.”

I know I’ve said this before, but I’m so read for Sasha v. Paige for the WWE “Women’s” Title.

→ Sasha Banks Will Be Getting Her Very Own Folksy Indie Song, Courtesy Of The Mountain Goats

This is amazing.

→ Sweet (a Picture of Sasha Banks and Paige)

This is great. I cannot wait for a long Paige v. Sasha Banks program.

→ A Pre-NXT Sasha Banks Match

Even early in her career, she was still the Bo$$.

→ Friday Wrestling Conversation: What Do You Want For The Future Of WWE Divas?

Here’s my answer to With Spandex‘s question about what we want from the Divas Division:

  • 10+ minute matches on RAW each week featuring Sasha Banks, Charlotte, Paige, Bailey, etc…;

  • 20+ minute matches on PPVs featuring the same stars;

  • Storylines beyond “she’s crazy”; and

  • The fans to start really getting excited for Divas.

Then again, I probably could just sum things up by saying “ALL THE SASHA BANKS.”

→ Vince McMahon “Very High” On Two NXT Stars

If Vince can’t see that Sasha Banks is amazing at wrestling, than it really is time for him to hang it up.

→ Nerd life (by Sasha Banks)

The Bo$$ is the best.

→ Sasha Bank is the NXT Women’s Champion

This still makes my happy.