Some of the Best San Diego Comic-Con Photo Galleries

Again, these are some of the better galleries I have seen coming out of SDCC:(*No links to *Newsarama*, of course, since they display their galleries in horrible slideshow form.*)

* *Bleeding Cool’s* [mega cosplay gallery](

* Friday’s [Megan Byrd gallery]( for *The Beat*.

* Another [Megan Byrd gallery]( for *The Beat*.

* *Bleeding Cool’s* [artist alley gallery](

* One more ( for
*The Beat*

* *The Beat’s* [pet cosplay gallery](

* [60 more cosplay photos]( from *Bleeding Cool*


Chargers Being Investigated for Cheating

> “NFL Security has already begun investigation as SD equipment man was hiding illegal sticky substance and giving to players. Line judge saw it and had it confiscated and sent to Broncos and league”, [Glazer posted on Twitter](

The Chargers have always struck me as overrated and whiny, so hearing this makes me smile. I hope Goodell throws the book at them.