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→ Convention Center Scorecard: San Diego Stumbles, Las Vegas Dreams Bigger

You can read the post if you want all the details as to why Comic-Con International might be moving to Las Vegas, but I’m going to simply say: If Comic-Con is in Vegas…I’m there.

→ San-Diego Comic-Con 2013 Recaps

Here are some of my favorites:

  • Bleeding Cool’s 126 Things learned at SDCC(* Includes this tidbit “5. We may get more than one Captain Marvel book next year from Marvel Comics, they have big plans” and this interesting observation “73. Princess Leia cosplay is no longer in vogue and has been replaced by women dressing as the Doctor, or the Tardis.”

  • The Beat’s rundown of mainstream media coverage of this year’s Comic-Con.

  • Tom Spurgeon’s final thoughts on Comic-Con 2013

Of course, there is also The Comic Reporter’s Collective Memory post if you want to find more.

→ Tom Spurgeon’s Thoughts on Comic-Con 2013

As always, Tom’s thoughts are extremely interesting and well worth reading. Some of my favorites (with a little commentary from me):

the one mainstream comic about which I was asked “Is that actually good?” more than any other: that Batman ’66 one. Second place: Saga.

I would Tom’s assume the answer on both of those is Yes.

literally nothing that happened in the show business end of the con penetrated into discussions in the comics world… I can’t remember that ever happening before. I guess a Superman/Batman announcement and that fun actor that played Loki showing up in character were the two pop-culture moments from the show…? I’m not entirely sure. Maybe the fact that Avengers 2 will feature Dickish Robot Overlord Ultron in a verison of that latest Marvel event series. It does seem that 2015 is shaping up to be the movie year that sprang from my 11-year-old head Lathe Of Heaven style.

Interesting. I would have assumed that the entertainment news would dominate the entire show floor.

I really enjoy the part of my Comic-Con weekend that allows me to see a whole bunch of panels in succession, or at least parts of them, but that tends to come way early in the show weekend now.

My fear is that, by the time I can get out to San Diego for a Comic-Con, it will be impossible to see any of the panels without waiting at least 4-5 hours in line.

Some of the Best San Diego Comic-Con Photo Galleries

Again, these are some of the better galleries I have seen coming out of SDCC:(No links to *Newsarama, of course, since they display their galleries in horrible slideshow form.*)

→ All the (Comic-Con) News that’s Fit to Print

iFanboy with a wrap-up of all the major stories from Comic-Con (at least the ones relevant to comics fans.)