The Murky Waters of MLB’s Latest Steroid Case

An excellent piece on the developing Biogenesis story by Jonah Keri.

> Baseball shifting from a see-no-evil, hear-no-evil approach to PED use in the ’80s, ’90s, and early aughts to a more vigilant method today is generally a welcome change. There’s certainly merit in fostering an environment in which everyone, from fans to non-using players, can feel confident that some players aren’t seeking some kind of forbidden competitive edge. But as I wrote in January, there’s a difference between respectable vigilance and taking unsavory shortcuts in an effort to mount players’ heads on the wall. The lawsuit that MLB filed against Biogenesis alleged that the clinic had caused harm to baseball’s finances and its reputation by supplying PEDs to major league players. There’s no evidence to support either of those claims. Rather, the suit was a naked and specious attempt to get Biogenesis and Bosch to turn over the documents it reportedly had linking various players to alleged PED use. That’s leaving aside the merit of testimony from a man who appears to be rather unreliable, if the sequence of events reported by various media outlets is accurate.

I encourage anyone who is a baseball fan to read the whole thing.