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→ Fox Releases High-Res X-Men: Apocalypse Photos

I have really high hopes for Sophie Turner as Jean Grey.

→ Brian Singer Tweets X-Men: Apocalypse New Cast Members

Bleeding Cool gives the summary:

Brian Singer took to the unusual mode of Twitter for a surprise announcement to fans of the casting of three new actors to X-Men: Apocalypse roles. Alexandra Shipp will play Storm, Sophie Turner will play Jean Grey and Tye Sheridan will play Cyclops, according to Singer.

I think I’m pleased with these picks1.

  1. I know I’m pleased with Sophie Turner as Jean Grey. 

→ X-Men – Day of Future Past Trailer

The Bryan Singer-ness is so very Brian Singer-y.

→ How Expensive is the X-Men’s Mansion?

I used to see fun things like this all the time, but I have not seen one in a few years it seems. I hope this is the start of a trend.1

  1. Also, can we get a Kickstarter for $58 million to build one of these? 

→ Wood/Coipel’s X-Men Relaunch Moved to May

Major bummer. I am really looking forward to this “X-Women” book.

→ Brian Wood Brings an All-Female Cast to X-MEN

I have high hopes for this book, especially with Coipel on art. Not that it matters, since my fiancé has already decided that this will be on our pull list.