I Knew I Liked This Guy

Ben Brooks on TextMate 2 going open source:

> Unlike so many other people, I haven’t switched to Sublime Text 2 or Chocolat 1 — no I decided to jump fully into Coda 2 and Writer. I haven’t missed TextMate since making the change a while back, but I always held out hope to switch back to it.

I’m in his camp. I use [Coda 2]([^aff] for web and most programming work and [iA Writer]( for almost all of my writing.[^bb] I, however, do not have any desire to switch back to using just a text editor.

[^bb]: I don’t always use a text editor, but when I do, I use [BBEdit](

[^aff]: Normally I use affiliate links, but that does not feel right when I link to someone else’s content, especially when Ben Brooks [has things behind a paywall]( Therefore, these links are all direct Mac App Store links.