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Ben Brooks on TextMate 2 going open source:

Unlike so many other people, I haven’t switched to Sublime Text 2 or Chocolat 1 — no I decided to jump fully into Coda 2 and Writer. I haven’t missed TextMate since making the change a while back, but I always held out hope to switch back to it.

I’m in his camp. I use Coda 21 for web and most programming work and iA Writer for almost all of my writing.2 I, however, do not have any desire to switch back to using just a text editor.

  1. Normally I use affiliate links, but that does not feel right when I link to someone else’s content, especially when Ben Brooks has things behind a paywall. Therefore, these links are all direct Mac App Store links. 

  2. I don’t always use a text editor, but when I do, I use BBEdit