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→ Shane Victorino’s roller-coaster ride in Boston ends

I’m going to the Flyin’ Hawaiian. I hope he has success in Anaheim, and I thank him (again) for helping the Red Sox win a World Series.

→ This fan cannot handle Shane Victorino falling into the stands

This was the only thing good about the Red Sox game this afternoon.

→ Shane Victorino is apparently texting pictures of his abs to John Farrell

I really hope this is true. I also really hope Victornio can stay healthy this season.

→ Ortiz, Victorino shave beards for charity

I used this as an excuse to finally trim my bread as well.

→ Jonah Keri examines the Red Sox’s off-season Signings

I especially like his analysis on Victorino:

The Victorino signing drew arguably the most criticism, but wound up being crucial to Boston’s success. Going by advanced metrics or even scouting consensus, Victorino has made a strong case as the best defensive right fielder in baseball this season, while playing in one of the quirkiest parks for any right fielder to cover. By both Defensive Runs Saved and Ultimate Zone Rating, Victorino grades out as saving more than 20 runs above what the average right fielder has done this year, while often making spectacular plays. So while multiyear samples are always preferable when looking at advanced defensive stats, this season’s numbers suggest that Victorino has added at least two wins to Boston’s ledger with his defense alone.

If you are a baseball fan, the whole article is wort a read.1

  1. As is pretty much everything Jonah Keri writes. 

→ Victorino named AL Player of the Week

Well deserved. I have really enjoyed watching Victorino play this year. I just wish he could stay healthy.