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→ Pedro Martinez’s poignant Hall of Fame speech perfectly sums up pitcher’s brilliance

Jeff Passan with an excellent column on Pedro’s Hall of Fame speech:

And though it didn’t take pomp or ceremony for that to be the case, Martinez’s rousing speech – a stream-of-consciousness homily delivered in English and Spanish, accompanied by kettle drums that impelled him to pump his fist and dance, punctuated by the sort of finish reserved for a closer, not a starter – served as a reminder that for all of his brilliance on the field, Pedro’s arm never could match his mind.

I feel lucky that I got to cheer for Pedro when he was a member of the Red Sox.

→ Pedro Martinez: ‘Boston, I don’t have enough words to say how much I love you’

Boston, I don’t have enough words to say how much I love you,” Martinez said during a 30-minute speech that began in English and ended in Spanish, as he addressed a huge Dominican audience that showed up with flags and shirts to honor one of the country’s greatest athletes.

As I have said before, Pedro is the best.

→ Pedro Martinez comments on Colin Cowherd

I’m sorry. He needs to get to my level to answer him. I’m in the Hall of Fame.

Pedro is the best.