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Force OCR in PDFPen Pro

Sometimes I have a PDF that has just some OCRed text on a page but the rest of the page has not been properly OCRed. This little bit of OCRed text prevents PDFpen for Mac1 from automatically OCRing the document. PDFPen Pro allows you to force OCR, however, by

Holding COMMAND + OPTION and then selecting "OCR Document" from the "Edit" menu.

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→ PDFpen for iPhone Released

Smile Software has just released PDFpen for iPhone to compliment their their existing PDFpen for iPad and PDFen for Mac ecosystem of PDF editing apps. I love the family of PDFpen apps, to the point that I uninstalled the company provided copy of Adobe Acrobat that I had on my laptop1. I do all of my PDF manipulation in these apps.

You can get all of the details of the latest iPhone release on Smile Software’s site. Also, as become tradition for PDFpen releases, there is a David Sparks screencast about the application.

  1. I also uninstalled it because every time I tried to update the application it would try make Acrobat Reader my default PDF viewing application.