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Hot in Fever: Microsoft Office for iOS

Currently hot in my Fever instance – Microsoft Office for iOS to be released in March 2013

I am torn on this. I was kind of hoping that Office would never be released for iOS and people would simply move away from it as a de facto standard for documents. I guess it will be able to “track changes” on my iPad, however1.

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  1. Assuming that feature is included. 

→ Microsoft Office 2013 Subscription Plans

I am getting close to the point where I only need to use Microsoft Word on my work laptop. I might keep an older version around, but at $100 a year subscription pricing, there is no way that will be upgrading to this latest version.

→ Office for Mac and iOS

Office for Mac counts for the 365 Home Premium Subscription. Also, The Beard says Office for iOS coming at the release of Office 15.