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→ Roger Goodell says no timeline for Tom Brady decision; what’s the hold up?

Roger Goodell is such a disaster. It’s not a surprise that he’s handling things this way.

→ Chargers tight end Antonio Gates suspended for failed PED test

Of course, there was more outrage about Brady and allegedly “deflated” footballs than a clear case of cheating by Gates.

→ Tom Brady donated hefty speaking fee to charity

He’s still a cheater!! (Sigh.)

→ Another Research Institute Disproves the Wells Report

Rich Hill writing at Pats Pulpit, about a report issued by AEI that contained the following findings:

1) The intercepted football, thrice measured, implies that the Logo gauge was used, in line with Walt Anderson’s recollection, and any difference in pressure can be explained by ambient temperature changes.

2) The statistical significance between the Patriots and Colts footballs is not because the Patriots were underinflated- they were inflated exactly as expected according to the Ideal Gas Law- but because the Colts were measured above their expected range.

Of course the whole thing can be explained by natural causes. It’s such a disgrace.

→ NFL pressures Tony Romo to cancel fantasy football event in Las Vegas

The NFL is so hypocritical. It makes Romo cancel this performance, while it props up betting sites like FanDuel and Draft Kings. Of course, it’s not surprising that the NFL is doing something ridiculous.

→ A Pats Fan on Why He’s Giving Up on the NFL

Mike Mravic writing at MMQB:

My favorite team won the Super Bowl on one of the most exciting plays in NFL history, but that play that has barely been viewed as a success of the Patriots and largely seen as a failure of Pete Carroll, because the media love counterintuitive angles. And now the Patriots have been dismembered and destroyed by the media and the league for one of the most absurd accusations of all time. The only positive note for Pats owner Robert Kraft outside the Boston bubble has been praise for his capitulating to the league’s disciplinary process. Fans around the country take glee in his decision not to pursue an appeal rather than seeing it for what it was—a savvy business decision in an unwinnable scenario. Those same fans are trying to reinforce false narratives about both Spygate and Deflategate

I hope this is Roger Goodell’s legacy. He’s freed an obsessive fan from a trap. Like any addict, there will be bumps along the road and people trying to enable my return. (For instance, DirecTV’s last-ditch offer of an enticing array of free programming including the NFL package, or doing an about face to praise the Pats dynasty.) Maybe if someone like Adam Silver helms the NFL at some point, I’ll return. But as of right now, I’m out.

I’m kind of in the same boat. I assume I’ll tune in if the Patriots make the playoffs, but I’ve been losing interest in the NFL for years, and this has just accelerated things.

→ NFLPA Moves To Recuse Roger Goodell as Arbitrator in Tom Brady’s Appeal

I was a little bummed that Kraft isn’t going to sue the league, but at least Brady is still fighting.

→ DeflateGate: Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady Hires Jeffrey Kessler

Brady isn’t messing around. He got the best guy available to attack this.

→ 10 Reasons Why an Appeal Overturns Tom Brady’s Suspension

I’ve been trying not to read too many of these write-up because it points out just how much of a travesty this whole process has been. I hope we eventually look back at this as a sign of Goodell’s incompetence and not some tarnish on Brady’s legacy.

→ David Ortiz on NFL’s punishment of Tom Brady: ‘I think it’s ridiculous’

Big Papi on Goodell’s pile of garbage:

And now this Tom Brady thing, I think it’s ridiculous. I think it’s ridiculous. I don’t know if the commissioner is trying to send a big message. Then to who? To the players? I’m a football fan and when I don’t see Brady on the field I’m going to have questions. And then the answer is he deflated some freaking balls? Prove that. Prove it.

I love Big Papi.

→ Deadspin on the Patriots Punishment

This post by Barry Petchesky gets a rare link from me to a Deadspin article:

Despite the Patriots schadenfreude (the last pure sports emotion), the punishment is a fucked-up overreaction from a league hyperdesperate to protect its image—it’s no accident that the NFL cited “conduct detrimental to the integrity of and public confidence in the game of professional football.”

The league threw the book at the Patriots for the worst and most absurd reasons. Two specifically named in the statement announcing the discipline was Brady’s and the team’s failure to self-incriminate, as if any employee should ever cooperate with an investigation ofhimself; and the fact that the Patriots are considered repeat offenders for something that happened eight years ago, even though the NFL went out of its way to make clear that Ballghazi didn’t extend to the echelons of the organization that would have been involved with Spygate.

Pretty much sums it up.

→ Robert Kraft: Pats punishment ‘far exceeded any reasonable expectation’

“Despite our conviction that there was no tampering with footballs, it was our intention to accept any discipline levied by the league. Today’s punishment, however, far exceeded any reasonable expectation. It was based completely on circumstantial rather than hard or conclusive evidence.”

I’m not sure what Kraft’s next move is, but I hope he thinks of something devastating to do to Goodell and the league.

→ Brady’s scarlet letter

Joe Posnanski, great as always:

Tom Brady has been the league’s shining star, the golden boy, a billion-dollar draw. And now, the NFL has stigmatized him forever over a little bit of air in footballs and a refusal to just hand over his texts to a league clearly out to get him.

Maybe you believe Brady deserves that fate, and more, but the callous way the league just stomps on Brady’s name and reputation over deflated footballs should be a bit unnerving. The NFL will cash in on you for as long as they can. And then, like Bruce Springsteen sings, boy you’re on your own.

→ Ted Wells battles back about deflate report, but not everything adds up

Frank Schwab, writing at Yahoo:

Wait, nobody paid that much attention to it? The NFL, with its punishment, found that deflating footballs was the biggest crime in NFL history. Seriously. It was arguably the harshest punishment the league has ever given out, in terms of a team punishment (the $1 million fine is the largest single team fine ever), draft picks stripped (a first-round pick in 2016 and a fourth-round pick in 2017) and Brady’s four-game suspension. So what is it NFL? Is deflating balls the biggest crime in NFL history? Or was the thought that the Patriots were pulling off the biggest crime in NFL history so insignificant that “nobody paid that much attention to it”? Should be one or the other.

At this point, nothing is surprising about this whole ordeal. What a joke.

→ Tom Brady in position to put NFL on defensive over deflate-gate probe

Dan Wetzel on the Wells Report:

It’s not fair to Brady and the Pats, who are put in a hostile place. It’s not fair to the Indianapolis Colts and the rest of the league that deserve a truth that should be accepted.

The release of the evidence acquired, no matter where it pointed, was all that was needed. The public didn’t need Wells to tell them the most plausible scenario. They already knew. They could’ve figured it out based on McNally carrying that bag of footballs into a bathroom that locked.

Yet by having Wells overstep acceptable standards, the strong parts are weakened, the water gets muddied and the entire story gets exhausting.

I am not surprised at all that Dan has the best take on this story.

→ Dear Chip: It’s Time to Trade for Johnny

Come on, Chip. You have to do this.

→ NFL disallows Patriots ‘trick’ plays that stung Ravens in playoffs

We can’t have people being smarter than other people. That’s just not fair.

→ Devin McCourty Secures the Patriots Future, One of Bill Belichick’s Best Draft Picks

McCourty has had his ups and downs, but I agree that his selection looks like quite the feather in The Hoodie’s cap.

→ Roger Goodell’s Ridiculous Free-Agency Blunder

But every now and then you get a reminder of who we’re really dealing with, and it’s just … wow. The most profitable sport in America is really run by a belligerent Michael Scott.

Andrew Sharp hits the nail right on the head.

→ Source: NFL Investigating Jets for Tampering with Darrelle Revis

Why are these types of things even reported? They never go anywhere.