Ted Wells battles back about deflate report, but not everything adds up

Frank Schwab, writing at *Yahoo*:

> Wait, nobody paid that much attention to it? The NFL, with its punishment, found that deflating footballs was the biggest crime in NFL history. Seriously. It was arguably the harshest punishment the league has ever given out, in terms of a team punishment (the $1 million fine is the largest single team fine ever), draft picks stripped (a first-round pick in 2016 and a fourth-round pick in 2017) and Brady’s four-game suspension. So what is it NFL? Is deflating balls the biggest crime in NFL history? Or was the thought that the Patriots were pulling off the biggest crime in NFL history so insignificant that “nobody paid that much attention to it”? Should be one or the other.

At this point, nothing is surprising about this whole ordeal. What a joke.