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→ Melky Cabrera withdraws himself for Batting Title Consideration

What a stand up guy1.

  1. I mean, other than the whole “cheating” and “taking steroids” thing. 

→ Rob Neyer on Melky Cabrera

Rob Neyer tells the story of Andrew Baggarly, a Giant beat reporter for CSN Bay Area. Mr. Baggarly had heard that Melky Cabrera had failed a drug test, but when he confronted Mr. Cabera about it, Mr. Cabrera denied the claim. Mr. Baggarly then apologized profusely, including on Twitter, about the incident.

Why on earth should Baggarly have believed Cabrera? I mean, believed him 90 percent? Sure. Even 95 percent. I probably would have. I have a trusting nature. But it seems to me that Cabrera might have lied about everything. He might have lied about contacting the union and his agent. He might have contacted the union and his agent, but he might have lied about what they told him.

It is not surprising that a player lied to a reporter. What is surprising is how that reporter just simply rolled over and started offering apologies. If that is how beat reporters handle their relationships with players, it makes sense why independent people, like Yahoo Sports, end up getting all the big stories.

→ Melky Cabrera Suspended due to PEDs

Two things:

  1. I think they should now have to give homefield advantage to the AL in the World Series.

  2. Do you think he got them from A-Rod’s cousin?1

  1. Yes, I’m a bitter, bitter Red Sox fan.