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→ Squarespace 5 Workaround for MarsEdit

Squarespace’s lack of solid MarsEdit support is one the reasons I doubt I will ever seriously consider moving to it.

→ Reminder that You can Schedule Posts with MarsEdit

Daniel Jalkut told me about this tip years ago, and I use it quite frequently. I can imagine a lot of people who use MarsEdit, however, do not even know it is possible.

→ Squarespace does not have a posting API

I cannot imagine using a blogging platform that does not allow me to post via 3rd party applications. It strikes me as odd that Squarespace spends so much on advertising on geek podcasts yet does not provide an API, a feature that geeks definitely desire.

→ Tumblr API Changes Lock Out MarsEdit

Daniel Jaikut explains the problems he’s going through trying to talk to the Tumblr API. This comes around the same time as his comments that MarsEdit will not be able to post to SquareSpace 6 due to changes in the SquareSpace API. To me, these kind of API changes that are not communicated to developers of third party clients is one of the major problems with using one of these all inclusive blogging and hosting providers.1] Though people may complain about the hassles of self-hosting on WordPress, I have a high level of confidence that an open source project like will continue to support an API.

  1. I wonder if anyone who gets sponsorships from SquareSpace, who has previously talked about how awesome MarsEdit is, will point out that the new SquareSpace 6 does not support MarsEdit.