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→ The Red Sox gamble on Koji Uehara

I think signing Koji is worth the risk.

→ Koji Uehara picks off Kolten Wong to leave Cards ‘dumbfounded’ while Quintin Berry feels ‘invincible’

“That was wild,” Sox catcher David Ross said. “That was awesome. It was kind of like last night. I bet they’re dumbfounded, like, ‘What just happened?’ We had one of the better, probably second to David (Ortiz) for me, one of the best postseason hitters up and the guy gets picked off. I was real happy.”

So say we all.

→ Koji’s Curve

Fangraphs explains why Koji should never throw this pitch again.

→ Brian MacPherson on how a Language barrier can’t contain the personality of Koji Uehara

But Uehara has let his personality show since the moment he joined the Red Sox for spring training in February. He's gained notice of late for his dominance in the ninth inning – he went into play Friday with a 1.12 ERA and an 11-to-1 strikeout-to-walk ratio – but he made himself an integral part of the fabric of the bullpen long before that. That's in spite of the language barrier that has proved such an impediment for so many others trying to make the transition into American baseball.

Koji is the best.

→ Jonah Keri on the Dominance of Koji Uehra

His final paragraph:

Boston’s fourth choice for a closer this year has proven to be the game’s best relief pitcher in 2013. And he’s just completed a run that might not be topped in our lifetimes.

It is because of pieces like this that Keri is my favorite baseball writer. I encourage you to read the whole thing.

→ How did Koji Uehara retire 37 Batters in a Row?

Sam Miller at Baseball Prospectus breaks down all 37 batters that Uehara retired over his “Perfect Game+” streak. It’s pretty impressive.1

  1. Both the article from Miller and, obviously, Uehara’s streak.