→ Can we all agree that Dan Shaughnessy should never write about the Red Sox?

Here is what he wrote in February of this year:

But here’s the reality, people: The 2013 Red Sox might be really bad. Worse, they might be really boring. Anybody talking about baseball in your neighborhood these days?

The first base situation is alarming. Mike Napoli is an old 31, hit .227 last year, has played only 133 games at the position, and has a degenerative hip disease. Don’t be surprised to see Lyle Overbay as an alternative.

The outfield looks like Gomes in left, Ellsbury in center, and Shane Victorino in right. Not exactly Rice, Lynn, and Evans, is it? Gomes is a winner but is best deployed as a platoon player. Ellsbury’s power numbers were way off last year. Victorino looks like a guy whose best days are behind him. Better hope he’s not Kevin Stevens or Joseph Addai.

Sorry. The juice glass is half-empty today. These guys could be really bad. And really boring. “Scrappy” doesn’t sell in Boston in 2013. Not after everything that’s happened. For $170 million, a little more prime-time talent would have been nice.

It is quite impressive how much he got wrong in a single piece. In fact, even his attempts to point out what he thought was a strength1 turned out to be misguided.

Essentially, if we were measuring predictions like we measure batting average, Shaughnessy would be Pete Kozma.

  1. The bullpen anchored by Joel Hanrahan. Yeah, that Joel Hanrahan