Papi reminds the Red Sox that “This is Our Time”

No one has the full text of the speech,[^fn1] but the summaries make it sound pretty powerful:

> “He just said, he called us all together and said, ‘Hey guys — this opportunity doesn’t come around very often. Let’s seize the moment, let’s have fun, let’s be ourselves. Let’s have some fun. Let’s go out there and let’s get after it, let’s play our game.’ And we did that. He, that guy, he leads by example, he leads by his voice, he keeps you loose, he gets on you when he needs to. He’s a great teammate. When that guy speaks, you listen, in the postseason especially.”


> “It was pretty powerful,” bench coach Torey Lovullo said. “I wasn’t exactly sure what he was going to say. He brought up some good points. This is our time. Let’s play our type of baseball. It was a pretty powerful moment. Everyone came together and rallied behind those words.

It seemed to help yesterday. Hopefully, it will help tonight too.

[^fn1]: He apparently did not release the text of it via a press release earlier in the day.