October Ball Returns to Boston

Peter Gammons about today’s Red Sox playoff game:

> The New England fall and sky and sun may be spectacular on the Kancamagus Highway with the New Hampshire foliage and sure beats the wild and the cold and the Northeasters, but it can create some curious and treacherous baseball conditions. Hence, the Red Sox front office had the Fenway operations folks turn on the lights to see if that would cut down on the afternoon glare. That’s why third base coach Brian Butterfield continually checked the shadows, talking to hitters and fielders all during the game about how and what they saw. All part of the preparation and attempt to make Fenway even more of a home field advantage when facing the Road Rays, whose home field advantage is an indoor gym with very different lighting issues.

Peter Gammons, writing about the Red Sox in the playoffs, is how every October should be.