My 2nd Half Predictions for 2013 Red Sox

At this point in the 2013 season, the Red Sox currently sit at 60 wins and 41 losses, good enough for first in the A.L East and the best record in baseball. That leaves 61 games to determine how the Red Sox end up. First, a quick prediction about the current series with the Tampa Bay Rays:

  • The Rays will win 3 out of the 4 games

  • As a result, the Rays will be first in the A.L. East when the series ends.

Personally, I am fine with that. I think this Red Sox team will be comfortable chasing the first place Rays than having to constantly fend them off. More importantly, I think the Rays are peaking now, and that they’ll cool off before the end of the season.1

My overall, second half, predictions are pretty boring, since I agree with everything I said on opening day:

  • 90+ wins

  • 2nd or 3rd in the A.L. East

  • One of the 2 A.L. Wildcards

I think, even with their current pitching-related injuries, they can manage this. Of course, if they make some monster trade, they could win the division, but I would prefer they keep their prospects and just see what this year’s team can do.

  1. I still think they will win the division, however.