→ Weiner: the 50-100-lifetime suspension rules don’t apply to Biogenesis

I have to link to this article from Hardball Talk because of the following paragraph:

As an example: say a Biogenesis Player — let’s call him Theo Blonzalez — has very weak evidence against him in the documents and testimony, but that the league wants to discipline him anyway. Might they take this discretion and give him, say, a five game suspension? That might be a nice break for someone like Blonzalez who, otherwise, might be subject to an automatic 50, which would seem overly harsh. At the same time, might another player with stronger evidence against him — say Schmalex Rodriguez — be slapped with unlimited discipline even if it’s a first offense?

That is awesome.1

  1. As far as Biogensis goes, MLB needs to just make a decision and get the issue behind it. This ongoing saga is not good for baseball.