→ The New York Times Breaks Down the A-Rod Deal

Speaking of things to read on the Red Sox off day, this report from the New York Times is great:

The Yankees, who have reached the postseason in 17 of the last 18 years, are in a financial bind. The team wants to trim its payroll — which is about $220 million for 2013 — to below $189 million for the 2014 season in order to qualify for millions of dollars in rebates and luxury-tax savings while still fielding a championship-caliber team. The average annual value of the remaining years on Rodriguez’s contract is $22.8 million.

One possibility is that the injury is so bad that Rodriguez is medically unable to play. At that point, an insurance policy would pay for a substantial part of the contract.

How awesome is it to see the Yankees hoping that they can get an insurance policy to pay for A-Rod because he’s so over-payed? I love it.