→ NCAA’s new helmet-to-helmet rule will force college football players to relearn how to tackle

Pat Forde on a rule change I had not heard about:

The NCAA forced the issue this week by recommending a rule that will eject anyone who is flagged for targeting a defenseless player.

“The tool we have is playing time,” said Rogers Redding, secretary-editor of the NCAA football rules committee and national coordinator of officials. “The committee said we’ve got to get this play out of the game.”

It is a bold move by the committee because it will invite backlash – not now, but in the fall. The first time a star player gets the boot for a helmet-to-helmet hit, everyone will lose their minds.

Exactly. Imagine an elite defense end or cornerback getting thrown out of the national title game for a helmet-to-helmet hit and the outrage that would cause. This is going to be extremely interesting to follow.