→ Marco Arment on the Tesla v. New York Times Debate

I wonder if Musk’s overreactions to negative press will discourage future Tesla reviews. He accused the New York Times of pretty nasty things, and Tesla fans are going after them hard. (Some of what he wrote might even be legally actionable, although the Times probably wouldn’t pursue it.)

The Times will be fine, but what if Musk’s target was a smaller publication without as strong of a reputation? What if it was TIME? The Columbus Dispatch? Car and Driver? Motor Trend? His inflammatory, defamatory post would have been… a malicious hit piece, potentially devastating to their reputation.

Maybe the Times will be fine, but can’t we still hope that more people start to view the Times and other traditional media entities as people who find facts to fit the story they want to write1?

  1. I am not arguing here that new media outlets do not do the same thing, just that people’s reverence for the allegedly unbiased media days of old is misplaced.