→ Jayson Stark Calls for Longer PED Suspensions

So in the wake of all this, you would think that players would be asking themselves, finally: Is it worth it? Are the rewards for cheating really worth the gamble that some day, they could wake up and find out they’d just become Manny or A-Rod, a walking PED punch line whose entire career had been instantly discredited?

Well, sadly, here’s the truth: None of this will do it. None of this will stop some of these dopes from trying to cheat. Not in baseball or any other sport.

So somewhere along the line, the price these men must pay for this crime has to grow large enough to force them to feel the pain. Two-month suspensions alone aren’t enough. In-season blood tests aren’t enough. Even public humiliation isn’t enough.

And it won’t be enough until the suspensions grow longer and the penalties grow stiffer — because, clearly, the thought of losing 50 games worth of pay isn’t scaring the people who need scaring.

Mr. Stark will not be the last one to make such a plea.