The Best Thing You’ll Read on the Hall of Fame Vote

Jonah Keri writing at *Grantland:*

> The announcement that no players from this year’s Hall of Fame ballot netted the 75 percent vote needed to gain enshrinement has triggered outrage in baseball circles, and will surely bring more of the same for the Hall and the people of Cooperstown. With the Pre-Integration Committee inducting three people into the Hall who’ve been dead for decades, upstate New York can look forward to something it hasn’t seen in half a century: a Hall of Fame induction with no living inductees to honor. That’s scary news for an institution that lost more than $2 million in 2011 and has posted losses in eight of the past 10 years.

This piece is excellent. Mr. Keri breaks down the the problems with the process and gives some solid recommendations for how to reform it. Really well done.