The End of the Honey Badger at LSU

Tommy Tomlinson writing on Joe Posnanski’s new site:

> He called the press conference at the LSU football complex to announce that Tyrann Mathieu was off the team, effective now. On the roster Mathieu played cornerback, but on the field his position was YouTube clip creator. [A strip-and-score]( against Oregon. [A drive-by, slap-the-ball-free, pick-it-up-and-run]( against Kentucky. [A long punt return]( against Arkansas. And the capper, [a punt return against Georgia]( that included four cutbacks, three broken tackles and one demoralized Bulldogs team. At the moment Mathieu caught that punt, the Dawgs were up 10-0. They lost 42-10.

The reason for the dismissal has not come out yet. I imagine that it will before the end of the weekend. Something this big is just too hard to keep secret.