National Review Urges that We Don’t Panic

The National Review editors:

> Better for Romney to acknowledge that we have had some long-building problems in addition to ones of more recent creation, and to pledge to fix them. Our dysfunctional health, tax, and immigration systems long predate Obama even if he has made them worse. All need conservative reforms if they are to serve the country’s interests. So do our entitlement programs. Romney need not (and should not) repudiate Bush. He needs instead to make a case that transcends the Obama-vs.-Bush debate that the president is obviously desperate to have.

I agree with that strategy. It is similar to [what Laura Ingraham](–Heres-how-he-can./612990269443758992.html) outlined earlier today. I know there are some out there that suggests Governor Romney can just run against how bad things are under President Obama without proposing plans to fix it. I prefer the idea of giving the American people plans of how we are going to get out of this mess. I think that is a path that is much more likely to lead to victory in Novemeber.