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→ Yahoo Says It Will Increase Number Of Ads On Tumblr, Sorry » Macgasm | Macgasm

Not really a big surprise. I feel that most of the people I know who use Tumblr are fine with a few extra ads as along as they keep the service free.1

  1. I am definitely not in that camp. 

→ Tumblr users flee to WordPress

I find it hard to believe that people are really that scared of Yahoo acquiring Tumblr.1

  1. I love WordPress. I think it is the best blogging platform out there. I do not think it is particularly strong for how a lot of people use Tumblr (namely, rampant reblogging of content.) 

→ Yahoo reportedly nearing $1.1 billion deal to acquire Tumblr

I think this would be classified as a “game changer.” At a minimum, it would be a signature acquisition for Marissa Meyer.

→ Tumblr launches its long-awaited app for iPad

Good for Tumblr. Maybe this will help motivate me to give the service another try.

→ Tumblr Launching a New iOS App Next Week

Elyssa is pumped up about this.