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A Touring Plans Explanation on Choosing the Right WDW Discount

This is a crazy long article on picking which discount is appropriate for your next Disney trip.

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What I Have Been Up To

My blogging on this site has always been somewhat erratic, but it has been even more so lately. Unlike the [previous life events]( that kept me from writing here as frequently, these new developments have been very positive.

First, and most importantly, Elyssa and I [got married in May]( and then went on an epic, 11 day honeymoon at Walt Disney World.[^note1] As you may have guessed, it was a fantastic month.

Speaking of Walt Disney World, I am happy to announce that I am now a blogger on []( Unlike the Disney-related posts on this site, where I normally link to a news item and provide some kind of brief commentary, my TouringPlans posts are in-depth, analytical pieces about things at Walt Disney World that I am interested in. One of my main goals is have an on going series about staying *off-site* while visiting the World. I have already posted [one article in that series]( and have also done [three other posts]( that deal with value-based analysis of Walt Disney World vacations. To no one’s surprise, Elyssa has been editing my articles, and she is greatly helping their quality.

The other recent drain on my time has been the launch of [Kivus & Camera](, a photography business that Elyssa and I are starting together. Both of us have a love for photography, and we both really enjoy capturing the moments in peoples’ lives where they are at their happiest and their best. It serves as a nice counterbalance to our work as attorneys, where we do not always see the best side of people. As part of the launch, Elyssa posted a ( and a [photo album]( of a wedding that we shot last month.[^note2] (Of course, if you are interested in our photography services for weddings, family, or even portraits for social media, please feel free to [contact us through the new site](

Speaking of Elyssa, you might notice that both of these new activities are things that her and I do together. That is by design. Our skills really do complement each other in a lot of areas, and it makes working on projects with her super fun. For example, though I have put a good deal of time and effort into launching [Kivus & Camera](, my efforts pale in comparison to the work Elyssa has done to get everything off the ground. I leveraged some of my technical experience to get the website functioning, but Elyssa has spent nearly all of her free time making sure all the details on the website, the recently shot wedding, the logo, etc… are in order. That is the type of work that I am not a fan of, and she does it very, very well. I am looking forward to working with her on all of these things going forward.

Finally, I do still intend to update this site. I am not sure the exact schedule yet, and my upcoming court calendar might impact things, but I think I’ll always come back to this place. This site just always feels like my true home on the internet.

[^note1]: The honeymoon itself could and should be the subject of post. It included Star Wars Weekends, 24-Hour Days, and a sampling of Disney Dining beyond anything we have ever experienced. Of course, some of the items that stood in the way of me writing on this site also kept me away from finishing up a trip report and associated photo editing for that trip.

[^note2]: I also relaunched my photography website, which was formerly available at []( as a sub-site of [Kivus & Camera]( It is now available at []( I have been wanting to redo my old site for some time, and the launch of the new business finally gave me the motivation to get it done. I am still not 100% sure on the divide between this site and that one, but I anticipate that most of my photography news will be posted [over there](


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