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→ Ben Brooks on Read and Trust Magazine Pricing

It started with Mr. Brooks’ post on about the pricing of Read & Trust magazine:

I don’t like the Read and Trust magazine pricing $6 for a single issue, but $5 a month for a subscription. To me that’s says “we want you to subscribe because we know you’ll forget to unsubscribe later” Sends the wrong message.

expanded into a back and forth with Michael Schechter and ended with Mr. Brooks writing a detailed version of his statment at Brooks Review. I have previously stated I do not think I will support Read & Trust because I find the content of some of its writers objectionable, but I also agree with Mr. Brooks’ thoughts on the magazine’s pricing. I especially agree with his concluding paragraph:

Not only do I think consumers are better off with equal pricing, but I think Read & Trust would be too and that applies to any company selling goods without advertising in play.

At this current pricing, I definitely will never buy a single issue. I would think I was getting screwed because it cost a dollar more than if I subscribed. At a price equal to the subscription price, I might consider buying an issue that included content of writers like Shawn Blanc, Matt Alexander, and Bret Terpstra1 but that does not include content from those writers I find objectionable.

  1. Writers I respect and enjoy reading. 

→ The Read and Trust Magazine and Whether or Not I Should Support It

Read and Trust has moved away from a membership model to production of a high quality, monthly magazine from some of the best independent writers on the Internet. Unfortunately, it is a difficult decision for me whether or not to support this project. Though there are writers like Shawn Blanc and Brett Terpstra who I would gladly support1 , I find the content of some of the other writers on the site so objectionable that I have a real problem putting money into a pot that they might have access to. At this point, I think I think the best option for me is to not subscribe2.

  1. I actually do support both of those writers. In Mr. Blanc’s case I support him via membership on his site, while in Mr. Terpstra’s case, I have purchased his Marked application (Affiliate Link

  2. If you are like me and want to support independent web authors but have a problem with some of the members of the Read and Trust network, you might want to consider supporting Ben Brooks, who has been doing some really good work behind his paywall.