→ Ben Brooks on Read and Trust Magazine Pricing

It started with Mr. Brooks’ post on App.net about the pricing of Read & Trust magazine:

I don’t like the Read and Trust magazine pricing $6 for a single issue, but $5 a month for a subscription. To me that’s says “we want you to subscribe because we know you’ll forget to unsubscribe later” Sends the wrong message.

expanded into a back and forth with Michael Schechter and ended with Mr. Brooks writing a detailed version of his statment at Brooks Review. I have previously stated I do not think I will support Read & Trust because I find the content of some of its writers objectionable, but I also agree with Mr. Brooks’ thoughts on the magazine’s pricing. I especially agree with his concluding paragraph:

Not only do I think consumers are better off with equal pricing, but I think Read & Trust would be too and that applies to any company selling goods without advertising in play.

At this current pricing, I definitely will never buy a single issue. I would think I was getting screwed because it cost a dollar more than if I subscribed. At a price equal to the subscription price, I might consider buying an issue that included content of writers like Shawn Blanc, Matt Alexander, and Bret Terpstra1 but that does not include content from those writers I find objectionable.

  1. Writers I respect and enjoy reading.