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→ Utah makes statement, destroys Oregon 62-20

I don’t think anyone saw this coming.

→ NCAA rules on Oregon: No bowl ban, scholarship reduction, show-cause penalty for Chip Kelly | Dr. Saturday – Yahoo! Sports

Christopher Wilson writing at Yahoo:

The NCAA also has issued an eighteen-month show-cause penalty on former Oregon head coach Chip Kelly, the who is now with the Philadelphia Eagles. This means that it would be difficult for another college program to hire Kelly until after December, 26, 2014, which I’m sure is really bothersome to Kelly and his $32.5 million NFL contract.

It is almost like Kelly thought something might be coming.

→ Oregon admits it committed at least one major violation, a second one in dispute

When Chip Kelly left for the Eagles, you had to know this was coming. It is too bad too, because I really enjoy watching Oregon play.

→ The Ducks’ “Rudy” Gets His Shot To Play

Teammate Keannon Lowe faked an injury so that walk-on Dane Ebanez could get into the game. What an awesome story.