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Thoughts on Network Neutrality, the FCC, and the Future of Internet Governance

This post by Matthew Prince is one of the most well thought out, measured pieces on net neutrality that I’ve read.

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Time Warner Cable says there’s no consumer demand for gigabit internet

Umm, hello? Over here. Who has two thunbs and wants gigbit internet?


The Coming “Copyright Alert System.”

> The Center for Copyright Information has stated that it will be rolling out its infringement warning platform, dubbed the Copyright Alert System (CAS), “in the coming weeks.” Originally announced last year, the Copyright Alert System will be used to deliver infringement notices from content owners to ISP users that illegally download copyrighted material. While the initial notices will be purely informational, internet service providers will take extra action on repeat offenders. The punishment for those who refuse to change their ways will vary based on the individual ISP — ranging from requiring the subscriber to review “educational material” to throttling data speeds, [or even cancellation, if the carrier so decides.]

Decisions like this by Internet providers make me really reevaluate my opposition to net neutrality legislation.