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First guests for HeroesCon 2014 Announced

HeroesCon this year was great. Seeing this initial list of guests makes me think next year’s version is going to be just as awesome.


Joel Watson of HijiNKS ENSUE breaks down everything he knows about North America’s Comic Conventions

I was bummed to read this part:

> HeroesCon (Charlotte): I did this show once. It’s a cross between Baltimore and the indie shows like TCAF. The people were very nice but, again, my crowd just wasn’t there. It’s put on by a local comics store and thus the focus is VERY HEAVY on comics proper.

I fear that means Joel will not be back out this way anytime soon. Hopefully, I can run into him at Emerald City, or some other show, in the future.


Kelly Sue DeConnick Wins HeroesCon with the Captain Marvel Panel

Chris Troy writing about Kelly Sue DeConnick’s *Captain Marvel* panel as this years’s HeroesCon:

> This past Saturday, Kelly Sue DeConnick held a panel for the “Carol Corp.” for the first time at Heroescon. The Corps consist of dedicated fans of her ongoing Marvel book Captain Marvel (and there was definitely some love for her underrated “Avengers Assemble” series, as well as Matt Fraction’s “Hawkeye” in the crowd). I would guess that there were about 50 people in attendance, which is pretty big for a Heroescon panel ( I could be way off too, by the way), and the majority of them female (this was fact). It was easily one of the biggest panels I attended at the show, and it was very intimate affair between creators and fan. Kelly Sue was joined by cosplayer Cheeseburgerdanvers and fan artist Flatbear for an hour long Q+A session, with some goodies, prizes and a brief photo-op at the end. It was fun panel/gathering, and more panels need to hand out cookies to attendees in my opinion. Props to all those involved.

I was one of those in attendance, and I thought it was a fabulous panel.[^fn1] Major congratulations to all those involved with the panel and with the book, which is also receiving high praise:

> Captain Marvel is the ideal for comics. Fresh art, solid scripts, little continuity to worry about and easy to get into. With both Daredevil and Hawkeye getting ton of praise and sales for the same exact reasons (and rightfully so), there’s no reason Captain Marvel or Avengers Assemble shouldn’t be a part of your pull list either. Best to get on board now, because “Pretty Deadly” is out in a few months, and that book isn’t going to be easy to track down once it’s drops if the Carol Corp has anything to say about it (unless, you know, you download it all legal like.)

[^fn1]: I promise I am not posting this link just because I want to link to the photo of my fiancé in her custom Captain America garb.