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→ George Will on God and the Founders

Conrad Black, writing at National Review, about George Will’s address that took place at Washington University in St. Louis:

He makes three principal points: that, in most cases, religion is a desirable belief for a society in general to hold, one that benefits equally all members of that society, including those who, like himself, have no religious beliefs; that Madison, as chief author of the Constitution, instituted the system of checks and balances among three coequal branches of the government to restrain the federal government from too dirigiste an intrusion in the rights and freedoms and natural course of the lives of the citizens; and that Woodrow Wilson compromised this with the assertion of the federal government’s right and duty to be more directly interventionist than the authors of the Constitution wished.

A brilliant speech by Mr. Will. You can find the full text and video at the Washington University website.

→ Football’s Growing Killer Problem

George Will on the dangers of football, especially in the NFL:

Decades ago, this column lightheartedly called football a mistake because it combines two of the worst features of American life — violence, punctuated by committee meetings, which football calls huddles. Now accumulating evidence about new understandings of the human body — the brain, especially, but not exclusively — compel the conclusion that football is a mistake because the body isn’t built to absorb, and can’t be adequately modified by training or protected by equipment to absorb, the game’s kinetic energies.

My fiancé has already said that that our children will not be allowed to play football. At this point, it is tough to argue against that declaration.