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→ Mick Foley’s Advice To WWE: ‘Push Cesaro’

Sounds like a good plan to me.

→ Tough Enough Competitors To Face Cesaro Next Week, TE Betting Odds

I guess we’ll finally see if Cesaro can wrestle anyone and have a great match.

→ Cesaro’s Proof of Life

If this beginning of a push for Cesaro doesn’t take hold, it won’t be because he’s not worthy. It’ll be another failure in the vision of McMahon, showing that it’s he, not his fans, his roster, or his consiglieres, that is out of touch. Cesaro has done everything short of throttling his big boss to get himself a spot at the table.

Cesaro’s lack of push has been a crime for awhile now. This should be the start of something big, and it will be a shame if it is not.

→ Cesaro reacts to the new Hamburglar, and it’s Fantastic

Just so, so good. I hope they push Cesaro to the moon some day.