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→ Breakfast at ‘Be Our Guest Restaurant’ becomes a permanent addition at the Magic Kingdom

Shocking. I’m shocked.

→ Be Our Guest Breakfast

It’s apparently $20 per person, with a choice of entrée.1.

  1. I’m not sure I’d pay $20 for a fried doughnut with chocolate and caramel on it. 

→ Rumors that Be Our Guest might soon offer Breakfast

Interesting. I hope they’d offer a killer cinnamon rule as part of it.

→ Be Our Guest – The Most Coveted ADR in Walt Disney World

I am currently 187 days out from my next trip to Disney World. I am already starting to get nervous about making ADRs in a few days.

→ Scott Joseph’s Be Our Guest Restaurant Review

This review makes me really, really hope I can get a reservation for my next trip. Also, I wonder if being on my honeymoon will be enough to get them to bring me the “Grey Stuff”.