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→ Aaron Hernandez jerseys selling big on eBay

John Lamothe, a Patriots fan from Florida, put his jersey on the auction site with the thought that it would maybe fetch $15. The item sold on Sunday for $289. One seller listed their Hernandez jersey with a starting price of 99 cents ‘because we just want it the bleep out of this house’. On Monday morning, the jersey had received 36 bids and was up to $207.50″

Are you kidding me? Who buys garbage like this?

→ Patriots to conduct Aaron Hernandez jersey exchange on July 6-7

A nice gesture by the Patriots. No parent is going to want their child wearing a Hernandez jersey.

→ NFL security conducting its own investigation of Aaron Hernandez | Shutdown Corner – Yahoo! Sports

Former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez cleared waivers on Thursday, the same day that the NFL released a statement saying they will not approve any contract between a team and Hernandez until after NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has met with him.

The likelihood of that meeting ever happening is slim, but the NFL is conducting its own investigationĀ of Hernandez, reports Alex Marvez of

I cannot imagine that Hernandez ever playing in the NFL again.

→ Jason Whitlock on Aaron Hernandez and the Patriots

Wednesday morning, Aaron Hernandez wore a poker face as police escorted him to a cruiser and as he was arraigned for murder and five gun charges. It was the New England Patriots who wore their guilt on a sleeve. Based on their reaction, Kraft and Belichick looked like the disgraced and petrified New Englanders who were no longer getting away with murder.

I can respect Whitlock for picking an angle on this story and writing a well-crafted column about it. I completely disagree with him, however.

→ Mike Reiss on Aaron Hernandez

AAaron Hernandez could turn on the charm. There were times he would walk through the New England Patriots’ locker room, flash a wide smile and extend a sincere hello to a visitor before striking up a conversation. Friendly guy, it seemed.

He really turned it on last August, after the Patriots had signed him to a five-year contract extension worth about $40 million, saying it was one of the best days of his life and how being with the Patriots had changed him. Sincere guy, it seemed.”

I still cannot wrap my head around this. The prosecution is saying he executed someone by shooting the person five times. The only word I feel I can use to describe this is “unbelievable.”

→ New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez in police custody – ESPN

It did not take long for the Patriots to release him either.