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It is Too Bad Apple Bloggers Do Not Recognize the Media’s Bias Outside the Apple Context

Rush Limbaugh mentions something that I have been thinking a lot lately:

> The way you [,Apple Bloggers,] see [the majority of the tech media] propping up Samsung and Google and Android and the way these guys are ripping Apple to shreds, would you try to see that in the mainstream media? Would you open your eyes and see what’s going on in the mainstream media? Would you try to open your eyes and see that in the mainstream media, the Republican Party is Apple, and the Democrat Party is Samsung, Google, and Android.”

It is really too bad that more of the tech bloggers do not recognize that same type of misdirection is happening over in the political side of the news media, too.[^fn1] It feels like it is a waste of their analytical skills.

[^fn1]: This recent [quote from Ben Brooks]( about the continued NSA scandal reminded me of Limbaugh had said: “That’s on me for not fully reading the source documents and taking the Post at its word.”