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Ben Brooks starts a Membership Drive for the Brooks Review

I am one of the current 246 members of Ben’s site, and have been one since he first started with non-ad supported paywall. I support the site because I think the non-ad supported model has allowed Ben to write better, more in-depth, reviews and articles than the previous ad model allowed.

If you think you might be interested in reading quality writing, from a independent voice, check out a few of my favorite Ben Brooks pieces:

* [Private v. Public Networks](

* [The Transporter (the device, not the movie)](

* [Coffee Shops trying to run off “WiFi Hobos](

* [Why Kickstarter’s Apology to the “Seduction Guide” Fiasco was not Good Enough](

* [Tips on Writing](

If you like what you read, then consider [signing up for a membership](